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CO2 laser instrument 75W


  The lattice mode, acting on the dermis, can accelerate skin repair, accumulate heat in the dermis, make skin collagen produce immediate contraction, and stimulate collagen hyperplasia for a long time, so as to remove wrinkles, remove scars, tender skin and solve skin problems such as abnormal pigmentation.

  The private compact laser adopts the non-invasive mode of carbon dioxide metal tube for repair, the temperature is carefully controlled at 50-70℃, the depth can reach 200-500um, the collagen can be contracted, recombined and regenerated, and the vagina can be tightened for a long time.

  Through endogenic heat, dermal collagen fibers produce instant shrinkage, stimulating the secretion of more new collagen and collagen.It can increase the temperature of the dermis by energy, enhance the oxygen flow of the body, improve blood and lymph circulation, activate metabolism, eliminate and soften the honeycomb tissue.


Remove stretch marks
Private firm
Reconstruction of skin

Mature technology
Intelligent technology
Power stability

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