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Q-switched laser


  Treats any pigmented disease single pulse energy greater than 400mj

  Flat-top-hat Energy Mode & high ho-mogeneity quality laser spot make treatment comfortable

  Foot control (foot brake) and manual control (push-button switch) double switch control system

  The Special Wavelength of 532/ 1064 yag laser can penetrate skin of human body according to the theory and practice of “Selective Laser Decomposing”, the instrument uses the laser-wave to break Chromatophoreinto pieces which can be naturally absorbed by the body. So that it achieves the purpose of freckle removal. The 1064nm wavelength will shatters and removes the black and blue pigments while the 532nm wavelength will shatters and removes red, pink, purple and brown pigments of the tattoo or other pigmenations without damaging the normal tissue. Double crystal laser add another Yag crystal in the cavity of the laser resonant cavity, so that the laser has double energy, and the high-intensity energy can effectively remove the pigment in the cell.



  ·Pore shrinking

  ·Skin rejuvenation


  ·Black, Blue, Brown, red and different kind of tattoos.Eliminate the age spot, birthmark,freckle, melasma and nevus of ota.

  ·Carbon laser

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