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Picosecond laser instrument


  New upgrade of ultra picosecond laser

  Super picoseconds use holographic pixel focusing technology, which has powerful energy faster than honeycomb picoseconds, directly shatters melanin particles, and destroys melanin into tiny particles at a high speed of light, which is easily metabolized by the human body. It can also smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone and Skin type.

  Ultrashort pulse

  The instant high-energy blasting action shatters the melanocytes in the epidermal layer, causing part of it to be ejected from the body on the spot, and part of it is phagocytosed and metabolized by macrophages; at the same time, the energy is transmitted to the deeper layers of the skin to activate and repair growth factors, promote collagen and elastic fibers The renewal and regeneration of skin accelerates the metabolism of the skin, thereby accelerating the metabolism of melanin. Solve the deep pigment problem from the root cause.



  Remove pigmentation

  remove wrinkles

  rejuvenate skin

  Endogenous pigmented skin lesions:

  Ota nevus, coffee spots, junction spots, seborrheic keratosis spots, black lesions

  Exogenous pigmented skin lesions:

  Tattoos, eyebrows, eyeliner lines and traumatic pigmented skin lesions


  Ultra-short pulse width painless

  Stable energy output

  Uniform energy output

  Fast light frequency

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