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Adsorbed semiconductor

Classification : Company newsrelease time : 2021-05-18

Microchannel multiwavelength, Painless depilation ,Experts in the field,Growing season hair, The laser penetrates the epidermis to the hair follicle,Hair follicle melanin absorbs laser light energy and produces photothermal effect,Light energy is converted to heat energy, and the hair follicle temperature rises rapidly, Follicle coagulation necrosis,Hair removal.


Multi wavelength laser is selectively absorbed by hair follicle melanin, which has no side effect on surrounding tissues, and has whitening and rejuvenating effect at the same time Adsorption handle.

The skin is gently sucked into the treatment head by vacuum negative pressure technology. After stretching and thinning, the hair will be easier to contact with laser, and the density of skin melanocytes will be reduced, and the energy absorption of skin epidermis will be reduced.

The 808nm laser is mainly invisible light, which is not very bright and suitable for use all over the body. It has good penetrability and is not easy to harm the skin, and it emits light for up to ten million times.

Effect and Characteristic Permanent depilation, whitening and rejuvenating without damaging skin Freezing point painless · Safe and efficient adsorption technology.

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