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Germany 808 semiconductor hair removal instrument

Classification : Company newsrelease time : 2021-05-21

When it comes to the depilation instrument, what we usually mention most is its function. Few people mention its brand, because the depilation instrument has a high degree of professionalism, so there are few imitations. So here to introduce the German 808 depilator function.


German 808 depilation instrument operating principle is to use the melanin in hair stem selective absorption of light energy, light energy into heat energy, heat conduction through hair stem to hair follicle isthmus and hair follicle protuberance (hair nipple, hair growth point), thereby destroy the blood vessels of hair nipple place make it suffer from thermal atrophy, thus achieving the effect of depilation.

The main reason why the German 808 hair removal instrument is called 808 is that its semiconductor wavelength is 808nm. The main reason why the length of this wave is that 808nm is the most close to the dermal layer of hair follicle. The band penetration is deep, highly targeted, and has no harm to the skin, but has the functions of whitening and moisturizing.

Germany 808 hair removal instrument adopts semiconductor laser technology, the light source with a single, quick operation and light spot is 10 * 10 mm, 12 * 12 mm and six kinds can be optional, applicable to various parts of the body, soft and comfortable, hair removal process generally 3 to 5 times can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, this instrument is without consuming equipment, selected Germany 808 semiconductor hair removal instrument.

The German 808 hair removal apparatus has three channels. Macrochannel and microchannel use ionized or distilled water, the water temperature is controlled at 35 degrees, can work for 3 hours without interruption; No channel has no water quality requirement, the water temperature can reach 55 or 85 degrees, can operate for 24 hours continuously.

I believe that you have some understanding of Germany 808 hair removal instrument, Future laser focus on beauty equipment production, research and development, sales, you can contact me if you have instrument requirements.

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