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The new skin care technology-water light needle makes the skin glow with water in summer!

Classification : Company newsrelease time : 2021-06-01

It is said that after the age of 25, aging speeds up and the skin begins to decline. But simply measuring skin condition by age is not accurate enough. Due to differences in congenital factors, acquired habits and environment, even two people of the same age may have completely different age states in their skin.


It is difficult to equate physiological age and muscle age completely. And what determines the age of the skin is nothing more than skin problems such as skin color, spots, wrinkles and so on. Picoseconds, ultraskins, and photons can all be solved in a targeted manner. There is a project that is highly accepted and very popular, even known as the "entry-level medical beauty", and that is Shuiguang Needle.

Water-light acupuncture belongs to mesodermal treatment. The dermis layer directly provides "nutrition" to the skin, which is equivalent to "root administration" to exert different "medicinal effects" to treat skin spots, dull skin tone, acne, acne marks, and fine lines. , Sagging skin, sensitive skin and other problems, or inject corresponding bioactive ingredients, growth factors, collagen and other ingredients to stimulate hair regeneration, repair sensitive skin, restore skin youthfulness, etc.

The effect of water-light acupuncture almost covers most skin problems, so do other projects to solve the problem? After doing other projects, is it still necessary to shed light? Let's find out.

Positioning of water light needle:

The water light needle we are discussing here is a broken skin injection water light needle in the sense of medical aesthetics. As a basic level of skin beauty, Shuiguang Needle is a more acceptable entry project for everyone, safe and risk-free.

Think of it as a normal and necessary item for maintenance, emergency rescue, and assistance.

The best mentality is to treat water light acupuncture as a regular nutritional supplement and deep skin care. Rather than relying on its ability to turn the tide.

Because water-light acupuncture is actually a good way to maintain the current state, not to improve the skin problems that have already formed. Compared with solving ability, its maintenance effect is more prominent.

The effects of water-light acupuncture appear generally faster, as short as one week, or as long as 2-3 weeks, and you can see obvious results.Moreover, the recovery period is only a few hours, and the next day can be normal skin care and makeup. A project that can be effective within a week without much trauma, who can't be tempted?

Another point is that the water-light acupuncture uses vacuum negative pressure technology to inject hyaluronic acid and other nutrients into the mesoderm of the skin.

The hyaluronic acid is easy to absorb water and easy to lock water, so that the skin's moisture content rises linearly to achieve the purpose of rapid hydration.

Therefore, whether it is preparation for important occasions, or soothing and hydrating when the skin is severely dry, it is very suitable for water-light needles for emergency care.

The relationship between water-light acupuncture and photoelectric medical beauty such as picoseconds and photons is not rivalry, but complementary.

Most of the photoelectricity rebuilds the skin through the action of heat. The inflammatory phase→the proliferation phase→the remodeling phase can also be understood as "breaking first and then standing".

These three stages require cells to secrete various cytokines to regulate the entire wound healing response. The role of water light acupuncture is to change the microenvironment of our skin to enhance the properties of cells.

After many photoelectrics are done, it is necessary to apply a facial mask for 7 consecutive days to replenish skin moisture, but how much moisturizing effect can external skin care have? If at this time with the deep supply of the water light needle, then the water + nutrition can be supplied at one time

Some people are very obsessed with hand-injection. After all, it is rumored that the water-light injection with the machine will leak the medicine and the effect is not as good as the hand injection, but in fact, the choice between the machine and the hand is mainly determined by the nature of the water-light injection. A single hyaluronic acid water polisher is basically recommended. Demasa's fourth-generation water polisher is your best choice. Because this type of water-light medicine is sticky, if it is hit by hand, it is difficult to push the medicine with a thin needle with low pain, and only a thicker needle can be used. The price is obvious needle-eyes on the face and more bleeding, which is not worth the loss. If the macromolecule hyaluronic acid is beaten by hand, the advantage of short recovery period will no longer be.

Demartha's fourth-generation water-light machine has the world's first patented technology of negative pressure. It uses 32G with low pain and the needle accurately replenishes skin nutrients at a depth of 1.28mm. The replenishment depth accuracy is as high as 0.1mm, and the dose control accuracy is as high as 0.11cc, so that the dermis can absorb more than 98.3% of the nutrients supplemented, so that the dermis can absorb nutrients and regenerate more effectively and quickly.

Dematha IV has 0 bleeding points and can be absorbed 100%. The look and feel are first-class Demasa IV treatment. The whole face is full of firmness and suppleness after treatment. The effect remains longer and more natural than ordinary hyaluronic acid injections.

In addition, Demasa's fourth-generation water-light machine also has a gold radio frequency micro-needle hand tool, a gold micro-needle body. Under the control of an electronic system, the insulated micro-needle quickly penetrates the epidermis at the same time, emits radio frequency energy from the micro-needle tip, and exits quickly and randomly. Under the mechanical stimulation of the microneedles, the biological effects and thermal stimulation of the radio frequency bring a natural healing process to the skin, induce the production of growth factor cells to improve microcirculation, and initiate the regeneration and rearrangement of collagen. Compared with ordinary microneedles, the effect of radio frequency energy microneedles is better.

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