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The unique and innovative fiber output mode - Fiber Laser equipment

Classification : Company newsrelease time : 2021-06-18

Optical fiber hair removal equipment adopts selective photothermal dynamics principle, so that the laser output energy is more uniform, better cooling effect, laser failure rate is greatly reduced at the same time its life is also greatly improved, the operator is also more light, hair removal efficiency is greatly improved.


The treatment head designed for special body parts can solve the problem that special parts are not easy to get rid of. For example: nose hair, ear hair, etc.


More stable energy output

Fiber optical energy transmission attenuation is lower, almost no loss, so the light output energy is higher, the data shows that the light power energy is equivalent to the traditional semiconductor laser 3~4 times, hair removal effect is better.

At the same time, the light energy output is more uniform, to avoid the local heat excessively high phenomenon caused by energy imbalance.

Better cooling design

Optimized semiconductor laser chip solution, the traditional semiconductor laser chip dispersed integration, chip heat faster, at the same time, the cooling water channel diameter becomes larger, refrigeration is more rapid and more durable.

Longer laser life

Optimization scheme of chip, greatly ensure the laser cooling efficiency, at the same time, also to avoid the traditional semiconductor laser for micron level of cooling water pipes are prone to congestion, and environmental temperature difference caused by the instantaneous heat of condensation in laser burning phenomenon occurs, instruments and further reduce the failure rate, enjoy long 2 years free warranty of quality guarantee.

Operators are more portable

The fiber optic semiconductor hair removal laser moves the laser to the host, and the weight of the manipulator is instantly reduced, making it more compact and light, greatly improving the operator's comfort and hair removal efficiency.

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