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Skincare Secrets That Dermatologists Don't Tell You

Classification : Company newsrelease time : 2022-06-22

          1.Excessive sweating does not unclog pores or detoxify.


          2.Massage with your hands, the face will not become smaller, and the chest will not become larger.


          3.The method of beating does not promote the absorption of skin care products.


          4.The protective effect of dark or red sunscreen clothing is better than that of light colors.


          5.Hair also needs sun protection, otherwise it will split and turn white.


          6.Dermatologists also have acne, spots and hair loss. Everyone is actually the same.


          7.If you have skin problems, seek medical attention as soon as possible, and don’t blindly believe in any “home remedies”


          8.I heard the promotion of "natural, deep cleaning, no preservatives" skin care products. Just turn around and leave.


          9.Aloe vera gel can only play a basic moisturizing effect, and does not have magical effects such as acne, anti-inflammatory, and scar removal.


          10.There is no need to use facial cleanser after using makeup remover. Excessive cleaning may damage the skin barrier.


          11.The main function of moisturizing spray is not moisturizing but similar to cold compress. After using the spray, apply moisturizing cream in time.


          12.More foam in shampoo does not mean better cleaning effect. For example, some surfactants with good foaming ability do not have strong cleaning power.

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