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DPL photorejuvenation machine



  DPL technology

  After the energy reaches the dermis,there is no attenuation, and only a little energy remains in the epidermis

  IPL technology

  The energy is concentrated in the shallow layer and the thermal effect of target tissue is low

DPL’s unique 550nm-650nm narrow-spectrum light can simultaneously generate photothermy photochemical effects,rearrange collagen
fibers and elastic fibers in the deep part, and restore skin elasticity, at the same time enhance function of the vascular,improve circulation, and make skin smooth,delicate and flexible.


  Depilation principle

  Using the melanin in the hair shaft to selectively absorb light energy, the light energy into heat energy, heat through the hair shaft to the hair papilla (hair growth point), thereby destroying the capillaries in the hair papilla to make it heat atrophy, stop providing nutrition to the hair follicles, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal.

  Principle of freckle removal

  Intense pulsed light of specific wavelengths act on the skin, is absorbed by the melanin diseased tissue selectivity (melanin content is much higher than normal tissue within the diseased tissue), melanin after absorbing sunlight cracking as the tiny particles, part of consumed by macrophages with lymphatic system out of the body, after part of skin pigment deepen, by thermal effect, thermal coagulation in macular pigment, with skin metabolism, spots disappear;The normal skin absorbs less light energy and is protected from damage by epidermal cooling.

  Principle of removing red blood silk

  After the hemoglobin selective absorption of light energy, blood temperature will be increased, thrombosis will be formed, and blood vessels will be closed and dilated. Blood cannot pass through diseased blood vessels, so that it will suffer from atrophy due to lack of nutrition and finally be metabolized by the human body, so as to achieve the purpose of treating telangiectasia.Because did not have dilate capillary hemoglobin little, absorb light energy little, be not affected so.


  The photochemical effect of intense pulsed light on the skin causes chemical changes in the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis, restoring the original elasticity.In addition, the effect of light and heat produced by it can enhance vascular function and improve circulation, thus achieving the therapeutic effect of eliminating fine lines and shrinking pores.


  After using the melanin in hair stem to absorb light energy selectively, conduction heat arrives hair follicle isthmus ministry and hair follicle protuberant ministry (hair tit, hair grows point), destroy the blood vessel of hair tit place thereby, make the growth of hair tit lacks nutrition atrophy, achieve depilate result thereby.



  Remove color spots

  accurately tender

  skinshrink pores

  painless depilation

  The characteristics

  Curative effect is distinct

  Rapid sliding

  Easy to operate


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