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RF anti aging machine



  Lift and tighten, V face lift, reshape facial contour.

  Promote the subcutaneous fat decomposition and collagen cell metabolism, stimulate the spontaneous proliferation and recombination of elastic fibers.

  RF has a selective electrothermal effect, which only produces a high temperature effect on the local target tissue, thus reducing the damage to surrounding tissues and cells.

  Immediate effect is obvious and the repair is short. It has two functions of instantly lifting and tightening skin and lasting collagen regeneration, which can get better effect in a shorter time.

  The RF creates an electromagnetic field beneath the skin that acts on the water molecules in the collagen, causing them to vibrate millions of times per second to generate heat.

  When rf current meets different parts of the body, different amounts of heat will be generated due to impedance. The greater the impedance, the greater the heat. When the temperature reaches 55°C-65°C, the collagen fibers shrink and tighten, the facial lift becomes obvious, and the skin becomes tight.

  V-Shape through intelligent control can achieve multi-point energy conversion, accurate focus,and directly to the specific skin tissue level.



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